Hotel Website Design

hotel website template

Beautiful Hotel Website Templates

Choose from our growing library of hotel website templates to showcase the true uniqueness of your hotel to the world.

Upsell your room

Up-Sell Your Rooms Online

All Hotelliant hotel website templates come with an up-sell capability to generate incremental revenue for the hotel.

RFP for your meeting room

Receive RFPs for your meeting rooms

Give people one more reason to ask you for a quote on meeting rooms. By making it easy, you'll receive a lot more requests.

hotel website template for brands

Brand Compliant Hotel Websites

Our hotel website designs are 100% brand identity compliant. Your hotel website will work in tandem with brand's own website.

photo gallery and slideshow

Big, beautiful slideshow

Our hotel websites are designed to showcase and highlight your hotel and your hotel only. Show visitors more about your hotel.

Google Maps Integerated Hotel Website

Hotel Location & Map

Your hotel's website will make it extremely easy for guests to see exactly where your hotel is located via our Google Maps integration.

Hotel Website Builder & Content Management System

Manage Room Types

Manage Room Types

Add, delete, update any room types at your hotel. Manage amenities and photos for each room type at your hotel.

Add F&B Venues at your hotel

List F&B

If your hotel has a F&B venue located within, you can add information about them. Upload menus, photos, logos, and more.

Hotel Website Attractions

Add Nearby Demand Generators

People search for hotels nearby a destination. With Hotelliant CMS, you can target this group of audience.

Create events in your hotel

List Events In Your Area

If your hotel is nearby a convention center or an event theatre, you can list the events happening in your area.

Manage photos for your hotel

Hotel Photo Management

Upload photos of your own or select from our robust library of stock photos for all of your facilities, events, or packages.

Build promos and packages

Packages & Promotions

Highlight your promos like never before with Hotelliant's package building capability. Up-sell promos to increase ADR.

Link Social Media

Link Social Media Pages

Cross-promote your social media pages with Hotelliant by linking them to your hotel website.

Showcoase your hotel awards

Hotel Accolades

Highlight your hotel's excellence in hospitality by adding the latest awards your hotel has received, such as AAA or Mobile.

Choose your own target market

Choose a Target Market

Is your hotel just at the cusp of a major market? You can select the major market to better promote your hotel online.

SEO For Hotel Website & Hotel Online Marketing

Double your hotel's online presence

Double Your Presence

When people search for your hotel online, they'll see 2 direct channels instead of just one (your listing).

Event Based Landing Pages

Event Based Landing Pages

Events you create in Hotelliant CMS will auto-generate a landing page to broaden your reach on search engines.

Create landing pages for attractions

Destination Driven Landing Pages

Create landing pages for your biggest demand generators, such as "hotel near Pettigrew Corp". currently don't do this.

Search Engine Submissions

Search Engine Submissions

Your hotel website will be submitted to all major search engines the minute it goes live for speedy indexing.

Fast Hosting

Super Fast Hosting

Speedy page load time affects SEO, and your hotel website will be one of the fastest loading websites in the world.

SEO Tags

Optimized SEO Tags

This is technical, but your hotel website will have optimized tags for headers, images, and meta for more relevant indexing.

All Inclusive Hotel Website Pricing

Free domain registration

Domain Name Registration

Your hotel website's domain name will be registered by us, for free. But we'll list you as the rightful owner for the domain name.

Unlimited Hosting

Unlimited Hosting

Your subscription includes unlimited hosting service including unlimited bandwidth, data storage, and more!

Free Updates

Future Updates

Hotelliant is an organic platform that constantly updates itself. When these updates happen, you'll receive it for free.

Choose your own target market

Awesome Support

Unlike other companies, we don't charge you extra for support fees. If you need help, we'll be there at no extra cost.

Choose your own target market

90-Day Money Back Guarantee

If you're not generating any room revenue through your website by the 3rd month, we'll refund all your money pronto.