Hotel Internet marketing begins with SEO

Hotel Website SEO

Hotel Search Engine Optimization

Without SEO, your hotel website will be useless. That's why Hotelliant takes SEO very seriously. With Hotelliant, your website will be immediately submitted to all major search engines upon creation for speedy indexing.

Hotelliant's hotel websites use the industry's best practices on H1 tags, Alt tags, Title Tags, Meta Tags, etc. to ensure your hotel website is optimized to show up on search terms that are most relevant to your hotel's unique needs.

Hotel SEO? How about destination driven landing pages

According to Google, over 80% of travelers use the Internet to find hotels. That is compared to less than 20% of people who responded they use TV, Magazines, etc.

When they do search the Internet, they often look for hotels that are near their final destination, such as the city, neighborhood, or more often, points of interests.

That's why, Hotelliant gives you the ability to create landing pages specific to your hotel's surrounding demand generators, such as a nearby company, attraction, hospital, or whatever.

Hotel SEO for destination
Hotel Events Landing Pages

Event Based Landing Pages

One thing the brand websites aren't doing well for the franchisees is the event-based marketing. If your hotel is located near a convention center, large theatre, or a fairground, you know what we're talking about.

With Hotelliant, you'll be able to create your hotel's specific landing pages for the upcoming events in the area to capture visitors to stay at your hotel.