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The easiest way to increase bookings at your hotel for just $99/month.

Hotel Online Marketing

Online marketing is crucial in today's hospitality landscape where over half of all bookings are generated online. Hotelliant gives you the tools you need to kick-start your hotel online marketing campaign with the best hotel website design that will ultimately help your hotel get more bookings online. The beautiful thing about our hotel online marketing is that the website we create for your hotel will have no up front fees. So you don't have to make too big of an investment to get your hotel website developed.

Increase Demand At Your Hotel

No Up-Front Fee

The #1 reason why hotels don't take action on hotel online marketing is because of the costly fees associated to get it started. With Hotelliant, there is $0 up-front fee.

Increase Demand At Your Hotel

No Contract

We know our expertise and tools will help you succeed. No doubt about it. If you don't like what you see, simply cancel at anytime. We won't tie you up to annoying contracts.

Increase Demand At Your Hotel

Trackable Hotel Website Design

Easily track your ROI, both with our analytics reports and your brand's e-commerce statistics data. Every bookings generated are measurable because they're delivered to your direct channel.

We are passionate about hotel online marketing

Let's face it: We can no longer manage our hotels the way we used to for the past 30 years. The landscape has changed drastically. If you need proof, you need to look no further than the explosive growth of OTAs (Online Travel Agencies, such as Expedia and in the recent years. However, too often, we see hotel owners/operators simply not taking any action on their hotels' online marketing strategy. We cringe at the sight of spending 3% of hotel's revenue on print-media marketing, which is only 25% effective as online marketing today! So our goal is simple:

Save Hotels From OTAs
We want to help maximize all online bookings to your direct booking channel.

Make Hotel Websites Affordable
Hotel Website Designs should be affordable. Period.

Make Hotel Online Marketing Approachable
Hotelliant gives you all the tools you need to launch a successful online marketing strategy.

Create Synergy, Not Compete, With
We believe having 2 direct channels are better than one.

  • 80% of guests search the Internet to find hotels
  • Hotel Website is the 2nd most important factor to guests when booking
  • OTAs and Search Engines are where guests begin to comparison shop for hotels
  • Most hotels don't have an online marketing strategy
  • Source: Google Think Insights

Website For Hotels

Hotel Website Designed To Sell Rooms Online

A good hotel website design is not about providing detailed information about your hotel. A good hotel website design is about leveraging the information about your hotel to gain visibility. With Hotelliant, you will instantly be armed with the tools necessary to reach a broader market, gain mind-share of those traveling near you, and ultimately get more people to book directly with your hotel. To begin, ask yourself these four simple questions and find out how you're addressing them today:

Guests looking for a place of interest
How are you marketing to those looking for "a hotel near a Point of Interest"?

Guests looking to stay for an event
What are you doing proactively to capture your fair share of a major event in your area?

Your Hotel's Unique Value Proposition
Is it possible to highlight the uniqueness of your hotel vs the competing hotels online currently?

Hotel Online Marketing Strategy
What are you currently doing about the hotel online marketing at your hotel?

Hotel Website Designed To Generate Demand

Hotelliant is a cloud-based hotel website design solution that allows you to set up your own hotel website for your hotel. Our intuitive hotel website builder allows your hotel to publish a detailed hotel information online, engage your customers with photos and videos, and highlight a variety of packages and events in your area — all with a few clicks of the mouse. With Hotelliant it's easy to create the online presence to jumpstart your online-marketing campaign. Oh, and there's no up-front fee or contract.

Beautiful Hotel Website Design
Choose from our growing library of beautiful hotel website templates.

Easy To Use Web Builder (CMS)
Easily add and update content for your hotel website with no programming.

Reliable Hotel Website Hosting
Hotel website hosting is included with unlimited bandwidth for all packages.

No Contracts. No Commitments.
Get your hotel website for a flat monthly fee. No up-front cost and no contracts.

Hotel Website Design With Endless Possibilities

Your Own Domain For Your Hotel
Hotel Specific Domain Name

How do you answer when someone asks you what's your hotel's website? Get a domain name that is simple and relevant to your hotel and its market. Oh, and we'll pay for it.

Your Own Domain For Your Hotel
Destination Focused Marketing

Hotel guests look for "hotels near a destination," not the other way around. Maximizing your exposure for those search terms is key to successful online marketing. We'll help.

Your Own Domain For Your Hotel
Event Based Landing Pages

Is your hotel impacted by conventions, concerts, and or other events? With Hotelliant's hotel website design, you can create landing pages specific to those events to broaden your reach.

Your Own Domain For Your Hotel
Higher ADR With Up-sell

Do you train your reservations to up-sell whenever possible? Why wouldn't you do the same on your website? Our innovative up-sell feature does exactly that.

Your Own Domain For Your Hotel
Meeting Space RFP

Increase demand of your meeting & group business by highlighting your meeting space capacity. Hotelliant enables your hotel to receive RFP directly from your hotel website.

Your Own Domain For Your Hotel
Hotel Driven Feature-Set

Our hotels and their ideas & needs are what drive the innovation behind Hotelliant. If we lack a functionality today, you can bet we won't be tomorrow.

This is just a small sample of how we can help your hotel succeed in online marketing. See more hotel website design features.

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